EX-ALU Profile

Ref: 18043
  • Solid fixing and backlighting of transparent glass or plastic panel
Silver anodized
*Custom colors available upon request
Technical specification

- for making appealing, backlit decorations on the edge of signs and boards


- panel held in the fixture by means of a series of expansion bolts hidden in the profile interior - on the surface of walls and ceilings it is mounted on the heads of bolts

Additional information

- panel thickness approx. 6 mm (0.25”)
- with the profile attached horizontally, the panel cannot stand from the ceiling more than 51 cm
- when the profile is mounted vertically, the panel cannot protrude more than 51 cm from the wall. Its vertical dimension may not be less than 60% of the horizontal dimension
- the length of the panel cannot exceed the length of the profile
- spece for LED strip: 11.2 mm

Ref. nr. surface finish available lengths
18043ANODA_1 Silver anodized
1000 mm
18043ANODA_2 Silver anodized
2000 mm
18043ANODA_3 Silver anodized
3000 mm
Technical drawing