DES Profile

Ref: 18030ANODA
  • Directs light up and down
  • Ability to create a line of light
  • Lighting fixture with IP54 protection class, without the use of sealing technologies
  • Suspended lighting fixture with mounting strip, chamber for power supply and other electronics
Silver anodized
Technical specification

- for the construction of "splash-proof" lighting fixtures with high light efficiency

- for construction of suspended linear fixtures in straight or broken lines


- on a strip fixed by means of many types of suspension systems

Additional information

- dissipates heat well

- simple design

Ref. nr. surface finish available lengths
18030ANODA_1 Silver anodized
18030ANODA_2 Silver anodized
2000 mm
18030ANODA_3 Silver anodized
3000 mm
Technical drawing