PIKO-ZM Profile

Ref: C1168

The information contained in the description applies to the PIKO-ZM system (a set of PIKO-ZM and TEPIKO profiles)

  • Very small size (only 10 mm wide)
  • The PIKO-ZM lighting fixture is bendable
  • Easy LED servicability
  • Fits in the thickness of a drywall board (12mm)
  • Ability to build light strings (with ZM connectors)
  • TEPIKO features a “TEPIKO protective insert”, which facilitates clean mounting of the fixture in drywall
Silver anodized
*Custom colors available upon request
Technical specification

- for construction of serviceable LED lighting fixtures, straight and angled, built-in and suspended, producing the effect of a “thin line of light”


- TEPIKO is mounted in drywall boards using elastic fixing glues
- the “built-in” PIKO-ZM is mounted in the TEPIKO profile with the TEKNIK latch (sold separately)
- the “suspended” PIKO-ZM is mounted using other KLUŚ accessories dedicated to the “small lock”

Additional information

- fast and reliable installation of sealed LED strips "5-KLIK" (LED strip in a special silicone sleeve ensuring increased tightness)
- Ideal for use in bathrooms and other rooms with high humidity
- recommendation:

Profile length 1 m 2 m 3 m
Number of TEKNIK latches 4 9 14

- the TEPIKO profile is sold with the "TEPIKO protective insert"
- spece for LED strip: 7.2 mm

Profile bending

- the profile can be twisted along the axis

Minimum internal radius Minimum external radius
220 mm 120 mm

- minimum radius- bending radius which when exceeded causes destruction (deformation, bending or lack of compatibility with other accessories, e.g. covers, end caps, etc.) of the profile
- internal radius- refers to the profile bent so that the cover is facing the inside of the arch
- external radius- refers to the profile bent so that the cover is facing the outside of the arch
- irregular curves are possible after consultation and individual quotation
- when bending anodized profiles, one should be aware of cracking of the anode coating (which may be more or less visible depending on the radius)

Ref. nr. surface finish available lengths
C1168ANODA_1 Silver anodized
1000 mm
C1168ANODA_2 Silver anodized
2000 mm
C1168ANODA_3 Silver anodized
3000 mm
Technical drawing