Steel cable with Cu FI 0.95 mm core

Ref: 70240
  • Enables aesthetic suspension and power supply of the light fixture
  • Eliminates the need to use two elements at one time (suspension cable and power cable)
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Technical specification

- for suspending and simultaneously powering the lighting fixture on one pole of electricity


- standard fittings for cables with small cross-sections

Additional information

- good electrical conductivity ensured by the copper core

- recommended current load of the cable: 6A at a max. length of 2m (when operating in the open)

Testing voltage drops depending on the length of the cable:

- power of the lighting fixture P = 90W
- voltage at the output of the power supply U = 12.26V

- 0.1m section U = 12.10V
- 0.25m section U = 11.87V
- 0.5m section U = 11.56V
- 1m section U = 11.17V
- 2m section U = 10.42V