KOPRO Profile

Ref: B6367
  • Three types of cover shapes
  • Easy wiring
  • Many mounting options
Silver anodized
Technical specification

- for construction of fixtures illuminating at a 45-degree angle
- for placing in internal 90° corners (cabinet - wall, ceiling - wall, wall - wall, etc.).


- with screws appropriately selected for the type of the mounting surface
- with mounting springs

Additional information

- simple assembly, the ready fixture is mounted to the surface with screws before the cover is attached.
- after the cover has been attached, appealing aluminum flanges of small width will be visible.

Ref. nr. surface finish available lengths
B6367ANODA_1 Silver anodized
1000 mm
B6367ANODA_2 Silver anodized
2000 mm
B6367ANODA_3 Silver anodized
3000 mm
Technical drawing