Profile system MOD-KOZE-50

Ref: 18055 (RAM-KOZE-50) + 18053 (OMODO-50)
  • The open style structure of the mounting channel and its adjustable elements (bridges) allow placing power supplies and other electronic devices in any section of the LED lighting fixture, eliminating the need for unsightly inspection openings in the ceilings
  • The lighting fixture can be removed and remounted without damaging the ceiling
  • An LED lighting fixture with a low glare rating UGR below 19 can be built when utilizing the JUN-50 prismatic cover
  • The profile can be mounted „from below” allowing to build ceiling lighting fixtures that run „wall to wall”
  • Either LED tapes or LED current modules can be used
  • Linear and polygonal connections are possible with ZM connectors
  • Secure mounting, resistant to vibration
Technical specification

- for the construction of professional lighting fixtures with a cover mounted flush with the ceiling or wall surface
- for LED lighting fixtures recessed in the ceiling, installed and serviced as a system
- for creating precise mounting channels in drywall for LED lighting fixtures
- for building LED lighting fixtures that can have a glare rating UGR ≤ 19


- embedding the „mounting channel” (RAM-KOZE-50) in the surface of a drywall ceiling using springs and glue.
- mounting the "core" of the lighting fixture (OMODO-50) in the “mounting channel” (RAM-KOZE-50)

Additional information

- MOD-KOZE-50 fixtures are designed for 3 LED strips (10 mm wide), 4 strips (8 mm wide) or a LED current module up to 24 mm wide
- the lighting fixture is designed so that the "core" of the lighting fixture (profile with LED tapes, power supply, wires and end caps) can be prepared in advance, in factory conditions
- the only thing to be done at the installation site is to insert the prepared “core” (OMODO-50) into the pre-installed mounting channel (RAM-KOZE-50)
- the width of the gap in the drywall for RAM-KOZE-50: from 66 mm to 71 mm
- two locking bolts must be used for every 1m of lighting fixture. For lighting fixtures shorter than 1m, at least 2 bolts
- the gaps between the edges of the mounting channel and the "core" of the fixture can be finished with a dedicated silicone cord

The following covers are compatible with MOD-KOZE-50:
- JUN-50 prismatic material: PMMA, length: 1.5 m, UV resistant, glare rating UGR ≤ 19 possible
- POL-50 frosted material: PC, lengths: 1 m, 2 m, 3 m, UV resistant

Scheme: Profile system MOD-KOZE-50

Technical drawing