Ref: C1554
  • A mounting channel flush with the surface of solid masonry walls and ceiling
  • Place for routing power cables
  • The TECH-28 protective insert can be used to protect the interior of the TEKNIK-ZM-TK channel against dirt during construction work
  • Possibility to connect the TEKNIK-ZM-TK in long runs using ZM connectors
Non anodized (raw)
*Custom colors available upon request
Technical specification

- for building precise mounting channels for linear LED lighting fixtures flush with the surface of a wall or ceiling, made in masonry or casting technologies


- to be embedded in the surfaces of solid walls and ceilings, before plastering
- after applying the plaster, the edges of the TEKNIK-ZM-TK profile must be flush with the plane of the finished wall
- LED lighting fixtures are installed in the TEKNIK-ZM-TK profile with TEKNIK clips

Additional information

- TEKNIK-ZM-TK allows you to connect mounting channels into runs between the planes of walls made of different materials. For example, the mounting channel embedded in a solid masonry wall can be connected with a profile embedded in drywall (e.g. TEKNIK-ZM profile). The final effect is a line of light passing from the masonry load bearing wall to the partition wall made of drywall
- TEKNIK-ZM-TK is compatible with many profiles, e.g. LOKOM, GIZA, LIPOD, GIZA-LL
- if a profile with a height of less than 24mm is installed in TEKNIK-ZM-TK (e.g. GIZA-LL), paint the inner side walls of the TEKNIK-ZM-TK mounting channel the color of the ceiling or wall surface finish
- the TEKNIK-ZM-TK assembly channel has space at the bottom for cables and micro-connectors
- dimensions of the mounting groove in the masonry wall for the TEKNIK-ZM-TK profile: 40mm (width) x 35mm (depth)

Ref. nr. surface finish available lengths
C1554NA_1 Non anodized (raw)
1000 mm
C1554NA_2 Non anodized (raw)
2000 mm
C1554NA_3 Non anodized (raw)
3000 mm
Technical drawing