MICRO-NK Profile

Ref: C1587
  • No need to shorten the covers to fit the end caps
  • Minimum profile size for a 10 mm LED strip
  • Modern design
Silver anodized
Black anodized
*Custom colors available upon request
Technical specification

- for creating lighting fixtures recessed in furniture boards


- with mounting adhesive

Additional information

- the extrusion will fit in 12 mm thick drywall.
- dimensions of the groove for recessing the profile: 18 mm x 7 mm (depth)
- spece for LED strip: 11.2 mm

Ref. nr. surface finish available lengths
C1587ANODA_1 Silver anodized
1000 mm
C1587ANODA_2 Silver anodized
2000 mm
C1587ANODA_2 Silver anodized
3000 mm
C1587K7_1 Black anodized
1000 mm
C1587K7_2 Black anodized
2000 mm
C1587K7_3 Black anodized
3000 mm
Technical drawing