KOZEL-10 Profile

Ref: C1575
  • Very small size (fits in a slot 8 mm deep by 12 mm wide)
  • Possibility to use the TECH-10 protective insert to protect the interior of the extrusion from contamination during construction work
  • Clean installation of a LED strip
  • Lighting fixtures can be combined into long runs using ZM connectors
Non anodized (raw)
*Custom colors available upon request
Technical specification

- for constructing straight or sectioned LED lighting fixtures which are flush with the ceiling or wall
- for obtaining built-in "thin" lines of light


- the profile is mounted with a special drywall adhesive (CEKOL GS-20 gypsum adhesive or other with similar parameters)

Additional information

- possibility to build fixtures going seamlessly from recessed to suspended (KOZEL-10 extrusions can be combined with PIKO-ZM profiles using ZM connectors for creating lighting runs that stretch into the open area of the room)
- the profile can be used with the 5-KLIK LED strip (5KLIK - an LED strip sealed in a special silicone sleeve)
- ideal for applications in bathrooms and other rooms with high humidity
- spece for LED strip: 7.2 mm

Ref. nr. surface finish available lengths
C1575NA_1 Non anodized (raw)
1000 mm
C1575NA_2 Non anodized (raw)
2000 mm
C1575NA_3 Non anodized (raw)
3000 mm
Technical drawing