Display P230-90154M

Ref: 90154M

90154M display presents an application of the LIGER black cover and the LIGER-22 black cover.

  • With electrical wiring
  • Monitor for displaying instructional videos
  • Brackets to hang them on a dedicated display
  • Profiles used: KOZEL, KOZMA, LIPOD, PDS-4-ALU black versions
  • Covers used: LIGER, LIGER-22 black versions
  • Masking cover: MP-22 black
Items to download
Technical specification

The P230 display panels are intended for the presentation of technical solutions offered by KLUS.

Additional information

NOTE! The display panel does not include a power supply.

Weight 12 kg
Max load 35 W
Input Voltage 24 V
Color warm white
Dimensions 1000mm x 400mm x 420mm