Display P230-90154M

Ref: 90154M

90154M display presents an application of the LIGER black cover and the LIGER-22 black cover.

  • With electrical wiring
  • Monitor for displaying instructional videos
  • Brackets to hang them on a dedicated display
  • Profiles used: KOZEL, KOZMA, LIPOD, PDS-4-ALU black versions
  • Covers used: LIGER, LIGER-22 black versions
Items to download
Technical specification

The P230 display panels are intended for the presentation of technical solutions offered by KLUS.

Additional information

NOTE! The display panel does not include a power supply.

Dimensions 1000mm x 400mm x 420mm
Weight 12 kg
Max load 35 W
Input Voltage 24 V
Color warm white