NewsInnovative LED solutions from KLUŚ as inspiration for architectural design

When preparing an architectural concept, designers draw inspiration from various sources. Before you make the first decisions about the design, we recommend that you consider not only the function and the body, but also the light. Modern LED solutions provide a rich spectrum of inspirations and opportunities that allow light to co-create architecture at the initial stage of the concept.

The spaces offering an opportunity to use the potential of the LED system from KLUS include interiors with ceilings of different heights, with mezzanines or walls with sculptured structures. Lighting and architecture support each other when the fixture illuminates the room with reflected light, creating subtle light scenes. We advocate and support design that "hides" the source of light, bearing in mind the user's feelings and comfort. Indirect Lighting - is for us an extremely noble tool in the architecture or product design.

Our solutions can inspire you to create a different, sophisticated architecture. They are an innovative stimulus especially in the initial design phase.

KLUŚ products are chosen mainly by unconventional customers. This does not mean, however, that architects who prefer classic design do not use our products. "Unconventional" in this case means „thinking outside the box” (Steve Jobs's favorite metaphor). The KLUŚ team is looking for solutions outside the accepted standards, the best example of which are numerous international patents. We design by interpreting the reality "in our own way" based on long-term, and more importantly own, multi-branch experience.

We design and implement solutions that:

- illuminate the designed space beautifully and functionally,
- ensure comfortable and efficient assembly and mounting,
- facilitate the replacement of the light source for service purposes, even in lighting fixtures mounted in drywall,
- allow attractive decoration of high spaces with suspended LED installations,
- divide the space with standing LED lighting fixtures or ones stretched between the ceiling, floor and walls,
- enable you to mount sealed LED lighting in floors, driveways and parking lots.

How to plan lighting so that the design complies with the applicable standards? How many luxes, lumens? What color temperature of LED strips to choose?

Our sales engineers will advise you and provide an analysis of luminous efficiency of a selected LED lighting fixture in the designed interior. We have photometric files in IES and LDT format. A projection of the room is enough for us to make the necessary calculations.

We have detailed instructional videos for our solutions as well as photos from executed projects and simplified 3D models of LED lighting fixtures.

The photos from the previous projects are a ready inspiration, and the films provide the construction team with practical knowledge. The instructional videos are recorded in high quality and have been placed on the following websites: VIMEOYOUTUBE and  KlusDesign.pl.

The 3D models of KLUŚ lighting fixtures are saved in the most popular formats. They facilitate the design work and largely accelerate the conceptual stage.

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Interlight MOSCOW 2018

Another year that KLUS company strengthens its position on the Russian market - Interlight MOSCOW 2018

KLUŚ profiles in Jerusalem

Yet another example of the LIPOD profile with HS-22 frosted cover, this time used in the Jerusalem railway station.

Light + Building trade fair in Frankfurt 2018

KLUS Company at Light & Building show this year. We demonstrated and showcased our newest LED lighting component systems and designs to hundreds of visitors and other industry professionals.

KLUŚ profiles in Finland

We proudly present new interesting applications of KLUS profiles by our Finnish distributor Epasuorevalo. Parts used this sauna: MICRO-ALU and PDS-4-ALU with the Liger cover. Parts used in the hall and the kitchen: NISA-KON with HS frosted cover. In the other rooms MICRO-ALU was used.

KLUŚ profiles in Denmark

We present the latest project executed by our Danish representative Danmind APS. The project uses the LIPOD profile and the MUN-22 cover. Once again, KLUŚ profiles perfectly suit the minimalist and elegant Scandinavian style, creating a unique design.

West Railway Station with KLUS profiles

The West Railway Station with KLUS profiles will soon become a new mark of Warsaw. The LIPOD profile, HS-22 covers frosted no. 17011 were used in the project. A LED strip with IP65 tightness was used, while the profile itself was not sealed.

INTERLIGHT MOSCOW 2017 - trade fair for decorative & technical lighting

We present KLUŚ company's latest achievements while supporting our distributor at the INTERLIGHT MOSCOW trade fair. We develop and modernise our trade show booth on an annual basis to attract the attention of the trade fair visitors.

News from Finland

We would like to present the latest projects in Finland in which KLUS LED profiles have been used. The visuals from our Finnish distributor Epasuorevalo show the application of the following profiles: Regulor, Lipod, Liger, Larko, and Kopro. Particularly noteworthy is the lighting of the building "Spektri Business park Espoo - Aulan valoteokset". For lighting its 4-storey lobby, KOPRO profiles were used, embedded in a wooden structure suspended from the ceiling. Elegance, practicality and famous Scandinavian minimalism combined into a coherent whole. This is another example of the comprehensive use of KLUS profiles.

The new PN-EN ISO 9001:2009 cerificate

In December 2016 KLUS company has been subjected to the final evaluation. It confirmed our obtaining a certificate of Quality Management System for ISO 9001:2009 norm.

LUX LIVE 2016 fair in London - KLUS company presents its products, along with Mr. Resistor company, our british partner.

On 23-24 November in London, KLUS company, presented its products at LUX LIVE fair. Mr. Resistor company, our representative in Great Britain supported KLUS salesmen.

LED Specifier Summit fair in November 2016, Chicago.

KLUŚ company's exhibition system does well during large fairs and smaller ones, which last only one day. Our exhibitors are perfect sollution, especially when quick and easy montage plays a vital role.

MATELEC fair of electronic industry in Madrit with participation of a distributor of KLUS company.

Our company along with our distributor participated in another edition of MATELEC fair. We introduced our lighting components on one of the most important expositions of electric industry in 2016. We presented samples of our products as well as whole exhibition system, additionally decorated with an elegant suspended fixture.

KLUS company supports its distributor at INTERLIGHT MOSCOW light fair.

In november 8-10 2016, KLUS company supported its distributor at INTERLIGHT fair in Moscow. For a year now we test and further develop our exhibition system. We decorate our stand with elegant fixtures made from products we offer.

PN-EN ISO 9001:2009 Certificate

In 2016, after a positive evaluation, KLUS company received a certificate of Quality Management System for ISO 9001:2009 norm.

KLUS profiles were used on a facade of Music Academy in Wrocław

The Music Academy in Wrocław building gained beautifully illuminated facade. KLUS profiles were used in the project.

International LIght Fair 2016 in San Diego

At the end of April 2016, KLUS company exhibited at the International Light Fair 2016 in San Diego.