under cabinet lighting


LOC - 30  angle profile is designed to be mounted in places where surfaces are connected at right angles e.g. under kitchen cabinets - at the junction of the wall surface and the bottom of the cabinets, under shelves, in the corner formed by the contact of the wall and the frame of the display window, etc.



LOC-30 profile consists of the set of two profiles: LIPAC-30 mounting profile and OPAC-30 profile/fixture for LED.

LIPAC-30 mounting profile is mounted with the use of screws. Holes for these screws should be drilled in the place which is marked by the lines embossed on the mounting profile.

To OPAC-30 profile/fixture you can mount two 10mm wide LED strips or one LED strip of a width exceeding 10 mm but not greater than 21 mm. The profile is mounted to the mounting strip with the use of TEKNIK clips. Spaces created between the mounting baseboard and the profile/fixture can be used to carry power cables.