NISA - KON KPL., profile

for lighting of niches , REF. 18027NA
Profil led Lipod - Kluś Design
Profil led Lesto KluśONISA End Cap, REF.24100
Profil led Lesto Kluś K Cover transparent, REF.1548
Profil led Lesto KluśK Cover frosted, REF.1547
Profil led Lesto KluśKA-BIS Cover transparent, REF.17072
Profil led Lesto KluśKA-BIS Cover frosted, REF.17071
Profil led Lesto KluśKA-COM cover frosted, REF.17121



The fixture can be mounted further from the edge of a niche, while maintaining strong illumination.  




NISA-KON is a set of two profiles designed for recess illumination purposes. It consists of TENIKON mounting strip and ONISA extrusion recessed in it. The complete set enables the perpendicular direction of light to the wall. TENIKON strip is angle-bracket-shaped. The horizontal edge (without brackets) is drywall mounted. The vertical edge serves as a fixing element for ONISA extrusion, directing its light perpendicularly to the wall.



ONISA extrusion holds a single 10.8 mm max. wide LED strip. TENIKON strip can be fitted deeper in the recess, which completely hides the structure from view.



TENIKON mounting strip is drywall mounted using mounting screws.


NOTE! Prior to mounting, the strip must be pre-drilled to avoid unwanted deflection. The manual provides all details of mounting methods and direction of screw mounting. Rigid mounting of ONISA extrusion is performed with a silicone cord (included in the set).

technical drawing


download PDF (data sheet, manual, brochure)