, REF. 18018ANODA
Profil led Lipod - Kluś Design
Profil led Lesto KluśEnd Cap STEKO (right), REF.24037
Profil led Lesto KluśSTEKO-90 Cap corner, REF.24053
Profil led Lesto KluśEnd Cap STEKO (left), REF.24038
Profil led Lesto Kluśanti-slip rubber strip for STEKO, REF.17002



Sealed lighting fixtures that are used in applications which are exposed to strong sunlight should be used in conjunction with a day/night switch. The switch will turn the fixtures off during the day, when their light would not be visible. This prevents overheating and destruction of the LED diodes. Examples of sunny places include rooftops, building elevations, exposed balconies, terraces etc. 


STEKO KPL. profile is designed for mounting on the edges of stairs, platforms, etc. It is designed to protect the edges of steps and signal their presence with light.

It is a smaller version of STEP KPL. profile designed for lighter conditions of use.  

Mounting of STEKO KPL. to the surface is performed by using the appropriate screws with a countersunk head or countersunk oval head. Screw holes in STEKO KPL. profile are made if necessary in the lines embossed on the top side of the profile. We recommend to keep the distance between the screws within 120 mm.

From the top side of the profile the holes should be beveled so that the screw heads are far below the upper edge of the grooving.

There is a channel in the profile designed for the fitting of side-emitting LED strips. LED strip width is 6mm. The channel for LEDs is closed with a clear silicone string that acts as a cover. The diameter of the silicone string allows it to be tightly mounted.

In case the profile comes in contact with water or moisture the LED strip should be placed in a sealing sleeve.

The channel for LEDs, after they have been fitted, can also be sealed with a proplerly selected silicone.

LEDs can be mounted in the channel so that their light is directed at the silicone string; then, light spots are visible, but the light will be more intensive.

LEDs can also be fitted in such a way that they shine down the channel; then, you can obtain the effect of a line of light and the lighting effect is soft toned. 

STEKO KPL. profile has a channel for the power cable in  the front of the extrusion.

To lead the power cable from the LED strip to the channel for the cable, you need to drill a hole in the required place, on the internal side of the profile.


STEKO KPL. accessories:

-silicone string

-left and right STEKO end caps


download PDF (data sheet, manual, brochure)