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Fixture fundamental functions:
1. Waterproof
2. Resistant to standard loads exerted on home floors, tiles
3. Light source - LEDs


HR - KAT is a linear fixture. It includes a power supply connection with a spare wire on one end. The other end can be cut together with the LEDs to any desire length. Sealing method of the trimmed end and the installation of the fixture is very simple, as shown on the instruction video.


The fixture is as high as the thickness of ceramic tiles; as a result it integrates with the surface of tiles. Mounting of the fixture may be performed in combination with ceramic tiles, using the same adhesive as the one used to fix the tiles. The fixture can also be mounted in the prepared slot in the floor with silicone adhesives. In any case, mounting of the fixture should be done in a way that it is possible to remove it for service purposes, without damaging the floor.


Because of the low height, light spots are visible when the fixture is lit, and the light is less intense on sections up to 3cm on both ends of the fixture (in high dimming, the effect is hardly visible). Shadows are the result of the need to seal the ends of the fixture properly or due to the spacing of diode modules in relation to the length of the fixture.




- recommended maximum power of LED per 1 linear meter is 4.8 W

- regarding the degreasing of surfaces, we recommend Universal Cleaner R-40 by DOW CORNING, available from our company. The use of other agents can cause gaping or damage to the fixture. If you have used a degreasing agent, perform further activities related to the sealing of the fixture after the agent has evaporated.

- Longer than 200cm linear lighting effect can be obtained by placing fixtures side by side. Each fixture can be connected to a power supply individually. Also multiple fixtures can be connected to one power supply by connecting power wires with the use of waterproof wire connectors.

HR-KAT Fixture standard modules:
  Length Product name Product number

25 cm

HR-KAT 25 DL 00266
HR-KAT 25 WW 00267
50 cm HR-KAT 50 DL 00268
HR-KAT 50 WW 00269
100 cm HR-KAT 100 DL 00270
HT-KAT 100 WW 00271
200 cm HR-KAT 200 DL 00272
HR-KAT 200 WW 00273

* DL   -  Day Light 
  WW -  White Warm 





Fixtures and fittings should be installed in such a way that they can be disassembled for maintenance or replacement.
KLUS company is not responsible for:
- the effects of installation , which consequently make it impossible to disassemble fittings or accessories,
- Installation costs,
- damages caused by installing or removing fixtures or fittings.


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