MICRO fixture

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- lighting or illumination of certain areas (stream of light may vary depending on the power of applied LEDs)
- indoor applications: furniture, interiors, stores, hotels, exhibitors, work stations (hardly accessible – shaded spots)
- outdoor applications: (frame is not waterproof, not to be applied if directly exposed to weather conditions)
Product Description:
Lenght:                                  min. 400mm – max. 2000mm (manufactured in 50mm
Electrical power:                    0.08 W; 0.24 W
Watt consumption:                for the 550mm long frame = 2.4 W (0.08 W diode) and
                                              7.2W (0.24 W diode)
Light output:                          500 lumens for the 550 mm long frame / 0.24W diode/
                                              cold white LED
Color temperature:                6000 Kelvin Color temperature, cold, white LED; 3500 K
                                              warm, white LED (other colors available in accessories)
Beam angel:                          120 degrees
Input voltage:                       12V DC
Mounting:                              double sided tape or mounting bracket (accessories)
Material:                                anodized aluminium
Wire:                                     grey
Cover:                                    transparent, frosted
Certificate:                             CE
Patent:                                  patent rights
Energy efficient – low energy usage, long LED lifespan, small dimensions, easy assembly, user-friendly, modern design, choice of: lenght, power, LED color temperature; frame is environment – friendly.