, REF. 0973
Profil led Lipod - Kluś Design
Profil led Lesto KluśK Cover frosted, REF.1547
Profil led Lesto KluśKA-BIS Cover frosted, REF.17071
Profil led Lesto Kluś K Cover transparent, REF.1548
Profil led Lesto KluśHS Cover transparent, certified, REF.1370
Profil led Lesto KluśHS Cover frosted, certified, REF.1369
Profil led Lesto KluśKA-BIS Cover transparent, REF.17072
Profil led Lesto Kluś45-MDF 3D End Cap, REF.0959
Profil led Lesto Kluś45-MDF 3D End Cap with hole, REF.1451
Profil led Lesto KluśMounting tape, REF.0997
Profil led Lesto KluśSelf - adhesive rubber stands, REF. 0905, REF.0905
Profil led Lesto KluśProximity Switch with cable 12 / 24V;, REF.00235
Profil led Lesto KluśProximity Switch 12 / 24V;, REF.00234
PROFIL-45.jpg145.jpg245b.jpg3zastosowanie profilu 45.jpg42009092808281045dodatkowe2.jpg52009092808282145dodatkowe3.jpg62009092808283345dodatkowe4.jpg7mdf_45_album_roz.gif8


- for flexible or hard LED strips
- lighting or illumination of certain areas (stream of light may vary depending on the power of applied LEDs)
- all kinds of grooves, inputs or surfaces edges
- indoor: interior design, furniture industry (closets, kitchens, furniture etc.) stairs, exhibitors, scenography, advertisement, hotels, work stations (hardly accessible – shaded spots)
Product Description:
Material:                                  mdf ,standard color - NCS S-2005Y20R; 
                                                (other colors available)
Cover:                                      frosted, transparent
Standard lenght:                     1m ( we sell profile by 1 meter increments)
Mounting:                                double sided mounting tape (accessories), 
                                                mounting glue
Ending element:                      3D end cap, made of plastic (accessories)
Certificate:                              CE
Patent:                                    patent rights
Small dimensions, 45 degree beam angel – directed array of light does not irritate the eyes of the potential user, lightweight, modern design, environment friendly
Profile designed for inserting and mounting LED source of light into grooves and edges of all types of surfaces.
The array of light is directed at 45 degree angel so that it does not irritate the eyes of the potential user. Profile can be applied to: furniture, exhibitors, displays etc.
45 profile mounting to the glass shelf edge using silicone glue. Picture also illustrates placement of the power wire.
45 profile application to the shelf edge or to horizontal, vertical or sloping furniture compartment.
On the picutre: 45 profile inserted to the milled groove on the shelf edge. The LED frame integrates with the piece of furniture so that shelf dimensions are not changed and the LED light emision is clear.
download PDF (data sheet, manual, brochure)