GP surface spring

, REF. 00293
Profil led Lipod - Kluś Design
Profil led Lesto KluśGIP Profile, REF.B4574ANODA
Profil led Lesto KluśGIZA PROFILE, REF.B5556ANODA
Profil led Lesto KluśLIPOD PROFILE, REF.B5554ANODA
Profil led Lesto KluśGLAD 45, Profile, REF.B7009ANODA
Profil led Lesto KluśPDS ZM, profile, REF.B7696ANODA
Profil led Lesto KluśSEPOD, profle, REF.B6593ANODA
Profil led Lesto KluśKOPRO PROFILE, REF.B6367ANODA
Profil led Lesto Kluś isolating bases for drop ceilings, REF.42712


They are designed for easy mounting of KLUŚ profiles – fixtures on suspended ceilings and flat surfaces.

They come in two types:
Surface springs
Groove springs


Surface springs:
They mount profiles-fixtures designed for surfaces (not embedded in the so-called slot).
The minimum required thickness of the mounting surface is 10 mm.
This type of springs requires drilling of holes with a diameter of 10 mm (each spring) in the surface to which the fixture will be attached.

Types of surface springs:
- GP spring - designed for fasteners in GIP size – for profiles without collars.
- TR spring - designed for fasteners in TRIAD size – for profiles without collars.
- PDS springs - designed for profiles without collars or fasteners mounted on the profile with the M3 screw or rivet with a diameter of 3 mm.

The screw or rivet used for this purpose must have a countersunk head. The hole for the screw or rivet in the profile should have undergone so called ​​" cone milling " so that the head of the screw or rivet faces with the surface of the profile.


Groove springs:

They attach collar-equipped profiles-fixtures - designed for grooves and slots.
Types of groove springs:
- KMA spring - designed for profiles with collars with a fastener in GIP size.
- KDU spring - designed for profiles with collars with a fastener in TRIADA size.