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What does LED mean?

It stands for Light Emitting Diode.

What is the lighting fixture?

It is a decorative oblong aluminum profile that protects a LED strip inside it.

What is the LED strip?

The LED strip is a flexible tape or a rigid strip with diodes placed on it.

What is the cover?

It is a piece of synthetic material with varying degrees of light transmittance that protects the LED strip and diffuses light.

What is the end cap?

The end cap is an element of a LED lamp that closes it on both ends. It has a protective and decorative function.

What is the LED fixture (lamp)?

The LED fixture is a lamp constructed of several elements. The main ones are:

  • fixture - aluminum profile (LED fixture)
  • LED strip
  • cover protecting the LED strip and diffusing light
  • end caps
  • power supply
  • mounting brackets

What does the line of light mean?

The effect of the line of light can be obtained by using the right profile, LEDs and a cover that properly diffuses light. You cannot see the individual points of the LED light. The effect is an evenly luminous strip of light.

Where can I get information on product prices?

Please contact the regional sales office. 

What can LED fixtures be used for?

The applications of LED lighting are virtually unlimited. In contrast to traditional bulbs, they can be incorporated into virtually any element of the interior design of a house, yard, furniture, and even audio/video devices or household appliances. Visit our gallery in the Applications section.

What does color temperature mean?

The color temperature determines what color the light emitted by the light source has. The unit of the color temperature is Kelvin (K)

2800 K- very warm white color (incandescent)
3000 K- sunrise and sunset
3200 K- light color of studio lamps
3300 K- 4000K - neutral white color
4000 K- white color
5000 K- cold white color
6500 K- cold daylight
10000-15000 K- color of pure blue sky

What do the abbreviations for material names in the accessory specifications mean?

PC- polycarbonates
PMMA - poly(methyl methacrylate)
PVC- poly(vinyl chloride)
TPE - thermoplastic elastomers
PP - polypropylene
ABS - acrylonitrile butadiene styrene
TPE- thermoplastic elastomers
PS - polystyren
PU - polyurethane

What does the luminous flux mean?

It is a measure of the brightness of light, colloquially speaking, the power of light expressed in the unit of measure called Lumen.

Bulb power (W) Luminous flux (Im)
15 100
25 220
40 415
60 710
75 935
100 1380

Advantages and disadvantages of LED lighting

Advantages of LED lighting:

  • lower power consumption than with incandescent, halogen and fluorescent lamps
  • unlimited configuration and mounting options
  • highly appealing
  • selectable color of light
  • durability

Disadvantages of LED lighting:

  • a relatively high price