Klus Desing

About us

The guiding thought of KLUŚ company is to develop a system of components for LED light sources which would set up different luminaires. Thus, we are able to meet the high demands of our clients.

Going one step further than building ready lamps, we designed a whole range of profiles, covers, end caps, fasteners and other accessories that allow us to adapt to individual needs. Our offer includes both small profiless with universal applications made of aluminium and MDF material and products dedicated to specific settings. If you combine this with a wide range of accessories for fastening, sealing, and supplying power to fixtures and a large selection of LED strips, you obtain the number of solutions for which the only limitation is your imagination. We can make suspended or free-standing lamps, wall luminaires, or concealed recessed luminaires. We are able to meet the needs of the furniture industry, exhibitions, stage design, interior design and many other fields.

Due to a well-developed network of representatives and our US branch, we sell our products in dozens of countries around the world, i.a. in Russia, Australia, Canada, and several countries in Europe and Asia. Additionally, our company is present at the most important trade fairs every year, where we present our constantly growing offer, we gain new representatives, and we take care to be always up to date with the latest trends in the lighting industry.

In response to the signals from our customers that we receive at the fairs and in our daily sales, we are constantly designing new technical solutions. Our extensive experience, also including experience we have gained in related industries, provides us with unique opportunities. We can understand the needs of our clients who want to create modern, unparalleled designs. If you are looking for technical solutions for a unique, innovative lighting system, Kluś company will be able to deliver them.

Company history

The tradition of our company dates back to the seventies. Our core business has always been design. We started our activity from design, construction and production of small functional forms, and then went on to manufacture furniture and doors. Since 2006 the company has been designing, constructing, manufacturing and selling LED lighting systems.

It was 2006 when LED technology caught our attention.

This cutting edge, energy-efficient source of lighting has not had so far the elements which would enable us to integrate it in an aesthetic manner with the environment. LED strips were once glued to the substrate, lacking covers and suitable protection against external conditions. Being aware of the needs of the furniture and interior design industries, we have designed a system of components dedicated to LED solutions. The system comprises aluminium or mdf-board profiles, as well as multiple accessories, such as: end caps, covers, and various mounting elements. This modular system enables creation of tight, light, and aesthetic LED luminaires, customised to individual client needs. Due to our engagement into the presentation of our products at many domestic and global trade fairs, we earned recognition among individual clients and distributors. Owing to the latter group, our products currently reach clients in dozens of countries in Europe, Asia, Australia, and the USA.

In 2009, our company finalised the construction of the "House without Bulbs", the very first building using only LED lighting sources.

Since that time, the building has been the official seat of our company and also a showroom for our clients. We are constantly expanding our offer, enriching it with new products to meet the demands of the dynamically developing market. We actually started with a small amount of profiles for the furniture industry to finally develop a comprehensive system enabling our clients to build luminaires of different shapes and sizes for multiple applications, including backlighting, main lighting, pack-top, suspended, recessed, or free-standing solutions. All this has been done in accordance with the principle to operate within the area of system technical solutions. This allows us to meet the individual needs of our clients.

House without light bulbs