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KLUŚ profiles in Jerusalem

Yet another example of use LIPOD extrusion with HS22 frosted cover, this time at Jerusalem railway station.






Light + Building trade fair in Frankfurt

KLUS Company at Light & Building show this year. We demonstrated and showcased our newest LED lighting component systems and designs to hundreds of visitors and other industry professionals.




KLUŚ profiles in Finland

We proudly present new interesting applications of KLUS profiles by our Finnish distributor Epasuorevalo. Parts used this sauna: MICRO-ALU and PDS4-ALU with the Liger cover. Parts used in the hall and the kitchen: NISA-KON-KPL + HS frosted cover. In the other rooms MICRO-ALU was used.




KLUŚ profiles in Denmark.

We present the latest project executed by our Danish representative Danmind APS. The project uses the LIPOD profile and the MUN22 cover. Once again, KLUŚ profiles perfectly suit the minimalist and elegant Scandinavian style, creating a unique design.